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Visual Flow Meters

EZ View Flow Meter

Superior readability and accurate flow measurement.

High strength corrosion resistant plastic, suitable to be mounted in any position

Excessive aeration, contamination or discolouration can be diagnosed “at a glance”.

  • Minimal pressure drop across meter
  • Reliable and simple indication
  • High repeatability
  • Line sizes from 15mm to 50mm
  • Easy to clean or replace
ez flow meter

Plastic Flow Meter – Flange Type

Precision moulded ABS clear inline VA meter, with a wide variety of flow rate options and sizes.

Uses include:

Reverse Osmosis Equipment
D.I. Water & ultrapure water systems
Film Processing Equipment
Pollution Monitoring & Control Equipment
Chemical Procession Equipment
Food Processing and Piping Components
Filtration Equipment
Electronic Component & Microchip Procession Equipment

plastic flow meter

Acrylic Flow Meter

– Low installation costs with easy mounting
– Light weight
– Compact body
– Durable material


Ideal for medical equipment, gas analysers, pollution monitors, and many other uses where an accurate measure of flow is required.


Please see data sheet for more information on flow rate


acrylic flow meter