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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

AW-Lake FLOMIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The FLOMIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter product line includes five models: three Flomic battery-powered models (FL502x/FL504x, FL503x/FL505x, FL3085), and two main-powered Sonoelis models (SE401x/SE402x, and SE404x/SE46x).

Line sizes range from 1-1/4″ up to 48″, offering both single and dual beam and compact or remote electronics. These meters are ideal for measurement of instantaneous flow rate, volume and pressure of cold or hot clean water.

Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter & Sensor

Utilising patented technology that enables it to operate with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges, across the whole span, the Atrato range of inline flowmeters is a genuine breakthrough in flowmeter technology.

Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications and its USB port allows software connectivity at literally the touch of a button.

Its signal processing system permits flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range allowing both viscous and non-viscous products to be metered accurately.

The Atrato Ultrasonic Flow Meter & Sensor is Ideal For:

  • Drink dispensing
  • Laboratory tests
  • Cooling equipment
  • Active flow alarms
  • Semiconductor plant
  • OEM applications
  • Pilot plant
  • Fuel cells
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical & petrochemical

MetraFlow Meter

Non-Invasive PFA Flow Meter

The Metraflow through flow flowmeter uses Titan’s patented transit time ultrasonic technology to accurately measure liquid travelling through a PFA flow tube.

The compact integrated electronic, display and sensor package offers superior performance in a single assembly. Computer and operational connections are separate, permitting setting and interface monitoring during normal operation.

The units, time base, set points and analogue and digital outputs can all be set through the USB connector and meter interface software.

Other parameters such as minimum flow cut-off, computer based data logging, display/output filtration and a negative flow flag can also be configured through this port.

Process Atrato Flow Meter

Process Atrato: Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Process & Control Environments

The Atrato Process is based on our standard, wide ranging, Atrato meter but packaged to address the more challenging process and control environment.

The body is 316 stainless steel, rated at 20 Bar and the electronics are built-in and sealed to IP65. The only other wetted materials are PEEK and the customer’s choice of elastomers.

They are calibrated with a pre-set ‘K’ factor so all meters of the same flow range are fully interchangeable simplifying assembly and set-up procedures for OEM manufacturers.

There are two adaptable frequency outputs, one PNP and NPN.

Two multicolour LEDs indicate signal strength, power malfunctions and pulse outputs.

Electrical connections are through a standard M12, four pin, sensor connector. Four flow ranges are available from 2 ml/min to 15 litres per minute, accuracy is ±1% over the whole flow range.