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SFT – Battery Operated Totalizer with Wireless Capabilities

Local Display: With flow rate totalizer and diagnostics

Long Battery Life: High-capacity Lithium battery pack powers sensor and radio for years, even in low temperatures. Transmitter can be configured for check-in intervals between 5 seconds to 1 hour to save battery life.

Attractive ROI: Cost less than running 60 feet of wire & conduit

Data at Your Fingertips: Wireless data transmission anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Reliable Transmission: ISM bands sustain signal strength through terrain, structures or weather for a range of up to 1/2 mile.

Pulsite Solo – Rate and Total Flow Meter

Titan flexible Pulsite digital rate and total indicator offering battery or DC power options.

These panel or surface mounting digital instruments are designed to be as versatile as possible permitting customisation to suit the application.

The Solo is battery powered rate and total only and the Link has multiple options with two transistor input/outputs and a user set analogue output.

Programming is simple, on the Solo the front panel keys are used with easy to follow screen prompts. On the Link a USB interface is utilised with the free Pulsite interface software.