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Paddle Type Flow Switches

SIKA Flow Switches

We offer flow switches to suit many applications and processes. SIKA is not only a market leader in this field, it has also pioneered the springless design concept. Numerous continuous and qualification tests over periods of up to 16 years testify to the quality of our products.

We offer flow switches in different materials to suit specific applications and demands. Whether highly rugged and sturdy of stainless steel for industrial applications or cost-optimised of glass fibre reinforced plastic for OEM applications – our product specialists will be happy to help in finding a solution that best suits your application, both technically and economically. Customised serial versions can be provided with special factory-adjusted switching points.

Main advantages

  • Low pressure drop
  • Immediate response
  • High repeatability
  • Setpoint only dependent on flow, not on pressure or temperature
  • Long-term stable setpoints as there is no spring fatigue

BFS25 – Paddle Type Flow Switches

This economical flow switch is designed for pump protection in the irrigation and industrial pump industry, its simple design and robust construction makes it ideal for the OEM use.

  • Suitable for pipe sizes from 1″ to 12″ diameter
  • Standard 1″ BSP fitting
  • 4 x paddle sizes supplied with each switch.
  • Brass or stainless steel body
  • Protected to IP65