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Oval Gear Gauges

Titan Oval Gear Meters

These compact rugged oval gear flowmeters are designed to give high performance with a low cost of ownership.

These meters are happy measuring simple water like products as well as lubricating fluids. There are several versions; some can have totally non-metallic wetted components, PEEK, ceramic and a choice of elastomer which makes these the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals.

The standard inlet and outlet are BSP or NPT female threads, flanges are also available.

For OEM use alternatives, including manifold mountings, are available. The standard models are 316 St St, aluminium, Hastelloy C and PEEK. For hazardous areas either the Namur sensor or the reed switch (simple apparatus) may be used.

SIKA Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval gear flow meters type VO with flange connection are available with process connection according to DIN 2633 in sizes DN 15, DN 25 oder DN 50. The housing is made from stainless steel or aluminium.

SIKA oval gear meters were developed for volume and flow measurement of liquids, and are used in applications including:

  • Lubricant monitoring
  • Food, beverages and tobacco production


  • Positive displacement meter for volumetric flow rate or total flow measurement
  • No inlet or outlet section required
  • High-quality construction for long service life and high reliability
  • Long-term stability
  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy installation


Oval gear meters are displacement-type volume meters that transport defined incremental volumes in individual measuring chambers. The measuring element consists of two high precision toothed oval gears, which are driven by the flow of the medium and mesh with each other. In this way, a defined volume is transported for each rotation of the pair of oval gears. The number of rotations is a measure of the amount of fluid that has passed through the meter. The rotations are detected by a sensor element