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Visual Flow Monitors

EZ View Flow Meter

Superior readability and accurate flow measurement.
The extra long 31/2″ (90 mm) scale provides excellent flow rate measuring resolution compared to competitive products.
Dual measuring units – U.S. (GPM) and Metric (LPM) graduations are standard.
Compact and Rugged
EZ-VIEW’s tough polysulphone construction measures less than 125 mm (5 inches) long and 38 mm (11/2 inches) in diameter suitable for permanent installation in lubrication, cooling and hydraulic pump case drain systems.
EZ-VIEW provides stable, accurate readings when mounted in any piping orientation.
The transparent body of the meter permits visual inspection of fluid conditions.
Excessive aeration, contamination or discolouration can be diagnosed “at a glance”.
It’s sharp edge orifice plate sensing method assures measurement accuracy of better than 95% of actual flow rates – even with variable fluid parameters.
Can be easily cleaned or replaced.