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Beverage Monitors

TA3 Sanitary Turbine Flow Meters

TA3 Sanitary Turbine flow meters are constructed of 316 stainless steel for a durable and economic flow metering in sanitary environments.

This meter is 3-A Sanitary Standard Authorized as all materials and polishing technologies utilized during manufacturing on internal components comply with FDA requirements.

In service around the world in sanitary industries including dairy, brewing, food processing and pharmaceutical processing.

This meter is available in nine different flow ranges from 0.6 to 400 gallons/day, and can withstand system pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Titan Beverage Flow Meter

The Titan beverage flow meter – is designed specifically as a flow-measurement solution for the drink dispensing industries including beer wines and spirits. They give high performance and competitive pricing with a flow range up to 10 litres per minute.

They have totally nonmetallic wetted components which makes them the ideal choice for the metering of food based products and even ultra-pure water. The standard inlet tubes are 3/8′ push on pipe connectors, for OEM use alternatives are available.

The bearings are made of sapphire for long life and reliability, the body is moulded in a choice of thermo-plastics (PVDF as standard) and the ‘O’ ring seal is typically Viton®.

At the heart of the Titan beverage flow meter is a precision turbine that rotates freely on robust sapphire bearings and contains over-moulded magnets that are detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector. The output is a stream of NPN pulses that are directly interfaced with the electronic display. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long life product with reliable operation throughout.

titan beverage meter