Vacuum Switches

VDMA Vacuum Switch

Adjustable 4 to 28 in. Hg increasing vacuum
Optional electrical terminations
IP 65 (NEMA 13) enclosure
Diaphragm design
Standard 5 amp micro-switch
Optional gold contacts
This compact vacuum switch offers a low cost compact design which is field adjustable from 5 to 30 in Hg.
For voltages and current below 12VDC and 20Ma gold contacts should be used.
The standard elastomer diaphragm is Nitrile. Optional Viton and or EPR diaphragms are available.
The Available electrical connections are DIN 43650A,or flying leads.
The 5 Amp snap action micro-switch is rated for more than 10,000,000 cycles thus ensuring long life when operated at the recommended conditions.

Chemical Compatibility