Pressure Switches

PJDA Differential Switch

Field Adjustable
Inline Mounting

Compact Size
Dual Diaphragms
Differential from 10 – 50 psi (.7 to 3 Bar)

System Pressures to 500 psi (35 Bar)
The PJDA differential pressure switch represents a breakthrough in compact, low system pressure differential switches. The sensing diaphragms only operates when the difference between the High and Low rises or falls to the adjusted conditions.
The set point can either be factory set or field adjustable through the low pressure port. The adjustable range is dependent upon the spring rate which is factory installed.
Standard features of the differential switch include a 5 amp snap action micro-switch and SPDT circuit (3 wire). The electrical connection is DIN 43650A either with a cable connection or 1/2in. conduit.
Optional ports and diaphragm materials are available on request.

Chemical Compatibility