Pressure Switches

PDSA Field Adjustable Pressure Switch – Australian Made

Field Adjustable – 5 to 6000 psi (.35 to 420 Bar) Increasing Pressure
DIN 43650A Termination
NEMA 6 Enclosure (IP67)
Stainless Steel 316 Construction
The PDSA model is an inline, compact pressure switch that is field adjustable from 0.35 Bar (5 psi) to 420 Bar (6000 psi) rising pressure dependent upon the combination of spring rate to actuator area.

The “cushion” supported diaphragm, used on all switches where system pressures exceed 35 Bar (500m psi) is a proven concept which prevents any extrusion of the elastomer diaphragm even at pressures of up to 545 Bar (8000 psi). Optional diaphragm materials include Nitrile (standard), Viton and EPDM
The standard electrical circuit used is a three wire, 5 amp, snap action micro-switch. The temperature range is -40°F to +180°F (250°F Viton)
Repeatability is ±1%.

Chemical Compatibility