Flow Measurement Control

Paddle-type Flow Switch

Applicable for pipe sizes between 8 and 200mm.
Flow control range between 0.5 l/min and 200 m3Wide adjustment range.
Maximum pressure up to 250 bar/3.600 psi.
Maximum temperature 125°C/257°F.
Reliable and simple warning device for flow and level.
Optimal price/performance ratio.
Safe operations under heavy conditions.
More than 500 different types for almost any application.
Minimal pressure drop.
Applicable for fluids (gas and liquids).
High repeatability.

Available Materials brass
brass (nickel or teflon plated)
stainless steel
plastic (PPO Noryl GFS 30/GFN 3)
other materials on request.

Typical Applications
heat exchangers
cleaning systems
water conditioning systems
air conditioning systems
cooling systems
hot water/heater systems
lubrication systems
fire sprinkler systems
irrigation piping Paddle Type Flow Switch

Chemical Compatibility