Minature Level Controls

Minature Level Controls

Reed switch operation gives millions of reliable cycles.

Direct action of float on the reed switch gives accurate control.

Controls withstand vibration, pressure, vacuum, shock.

Maintenance free.

Simple construction gives rugged reliability.

Easy installation and adjustment.

Interchangeable stems and floats with reversible magnetic float for
versatile applications.

U.L. recognition on many models.
Mini-Level switches fit pipe openings of 1″ BSP. They provide accurate liquid level control in vessels as small as a teacup.
Designed for versatile application, magnetic floats actuate an SPST reed switch in the stem to operate valves, starters, pumps, alarms, interlocks, computer inputs and other process equipment. Changing liquid level in vessel moves the float up or down stem, actuating the switch at exact level settings.
Stem and float materials include brass, stainless, Buna-N and polypropylene. Any practical material combination is possible because all stems and floats are easily interchangeable. Most models are U/L recognised and units are available for corrosive or non-corrosive service.
Mini-Level switches can be top, bottom or side mounted in the vessel. They also perform well tilted at modest angles. High current loads can be accommodated by Solid State Relays.
Engineering assistance offered by Baccara Automation Control will help you determine the right control for your application.


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