Minature Level Controls

BLS-06 Finger Float Switches

Plastic and stainless steel side mounted float switches for general use and OEM solutions. These switches are easily mounted through a horizontal NPT fitting or internal through-hole. This “pivot” style float switch provides point level sensing, and can be rotated for Normally Open or Normally Closed operation. Combine two switches at different levels for high and low level or pump control. These float switches offer reliable performance and durability. The 316 series stainless steel switch is ideal for corrosion resistance applications or general level detection.
1 A 12/24 VDC-125VAC

70 Watt 250 VAC

FL IP67 Sub to termination.

-25C to +125 C

0.8 G/cm3

Poly Propylene or Stainless Steel.

1.5 Mpa

0.15 lbs (0.07 kg) BLS-06 Finger Load Switch.

Chemical Compatibility