Flow Measurement Control

Acrylic Flow-Meters

Baccara Automation Control have a comprehensive range of plastic flow-meters, based on the variable area principle, which are corrosion resistant, extremely accurate, simple to use and maintain, and possess considerable impact resistance.
Baccara can provide technical advice on the variety of metering-tube and float materials which are suitable for neutral and corrosive media.
Special scales may be necessary for certain media and operating environments. Baccara can advise and arrange for the supply of such scales if required.
Baccara can also advise on and provide a variety of accurate limit switches which may be integrated with the flow-meter. The function of the limit switches is neither effected by the working pressure, nor by the conductivity, concentration or density of the medium.
Flow-meters may be ordered Specially Equipped for harsh environments. Baccara Automation Control can advise you on your specific requirements.
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